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My name is Kara.

I was born in Paddington New South Wales

I am a proud Saltwater woman from the dharawal tribe of La Perouse Sydney, where we have a strong connection to the saltwater of the Botany Bay and surrounding areas.

My Family ties extend form La Perouse to the Shoalhaven,

I am a descendant of Kathleen née Simms and  

Thomas Saunders.

I started painting in my early childhood, and continued painting all through high school, doing my final year exam in visual arts.

Saltwater Dreaming Artwork is a small Indigenous owned and operated Business,

Saltwater Dreaming Artwork is a member of the 

Indigenous Art Code,

I am very passionate and proud of my Aboriginal Heritage and I love to show that in my artwork using warm, bright and vibrant colours to capture the beauty of my culture.

Great Great Grandparents
Kathleen neé Simms and Thomas Saunders

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